Spice Up Football Season With These Winning Spice Blends and Seasonings

by Old Town Spice Shop on September 18, 2023

Football season is in full swing and while you may be focused on your team's offense and defense, don't forget about your own game plan in the kitchen. Whether you're hosting a tailgate party or cheering on your team at home, spice up your game day menu with these delicious and easy-to-use gourmet spice blends and seasonings from Old Town Spice Shop. From bold and spicy to sweet and savory, there's a seasoning to suit every taste bud and every dish. Read on to learn more!

Old Town Spice Shop Pizza Popcorn Seasoning

Kick-Off Game Day With Perfectly Seasoned Popcorn

First up, let's talk about popcorn seasoning. Gone are the days of boring old buttered popcorn. At Old Town Spice Shop, we offer a variety of winning flavors to make your taste buds sing. Looking for something savory? Try our Bacon Cheddar or Cajun Popcorn Seasoning. Craving something sweet? Our Birthday Cake, Dark Chocolate, or Salted Caramel flavors will satisfy any sweet tooth. Feeling adventurous? Give our Dill Pickle or Pizza Popcorn Seasoning a try. Want to keep it simple? Go for our classic Movie Theater Popcorn Seasoning. The possibilities are endless! With our popcorn seasonings, you'll have a hard time deciding which flavor to try first.

Old Town Spice Shop Buffalo Hot Wing Rub

Tackle Hunger With Touchdown-Worthy Appetizers

Now that we have our popcorn sorted, let's dive into some classic game-day appetizers. We've got everything you need to make your wings, nachos, quesadillas, mozzarella sticks, and pizza rolls a hit. For your wings, try our Buffalo Hot Wing Rub, G's Hot Jerky, or Mango Chipotle Rub. Looking for something to spice up your loaded nachos or quesadillas? We've got everything from Chorizo or Elote Seasoning to Fajita Spice and our Taco Blends (salty or salt-free!). And for your mozzarella sticks and pizza rolls, try our Rustic Parmesan & Herb Seasoning to whip up a simple yet flavorful marinara dip. Your guests will be begging for seconds!

Old Town Spice Shop Guacamole Dip Seasoning

Score Big With Delectable Dips

What's a game day spread without some dips? At Old Town Spice Shop, we offer a variety of gourmet flavors, from the classic French Onion Dip and our popular Guacamole Dip Seasoning to our unique and delicious Everything Bagel Seasoning. Try our Beer Cheese Pub Dip, Caramelized Onion Roasted Garlic Dip Mix, Fiesta Dip Mix, or Horseradish Bacon Dip to add a little extra something to your game-day snack table. Pair any of these dips with some chips, vegetables, crackers, or even as a topping for your burger or sliders. Trust us, these dips will be the star of the show.

Old Town Spice Shop Black Truffle Steak Crust Seasoning

Kick Things Into Overtime With Game Day Grilling

Let’s face it, game day was made for grilling. At Old Town Spice Shop, we have a vast selection of seasonings and blends to take your grilled meats to the next level.

Old Town Spice Shop Sriracha Lime Salt

Fuel Your Game Day Spirit With Tasty Beverages

Let's not forget about fan-favorite beverages! After all, game day isn't complete without a refreshing drink in hand. We offer a variety of gourmet salts to rim your glasses and take your beverages to the next level. For margaritas, try our Black Lime Salt. And for the ultimate Bloody Mary, try our Berbere, Celery, Chipotle, or NOCO Beer Salt. Want to add a kick to your beer? Add a dash of Scorpion Pepper Salt or rim your pint glass with Lime Pepper or Sriracha Lime Salt for a pinch of zest. For a halftime pick-me-up, try our Hopped Up Coffee blends in flavors like Chocolate Stout and Scottish Ale, or pick up our sample pack to try them all!

Make This Football Season the Tastiest Yet!

With these spice blends and seasonings in your game day lineup, you'll be sure to score big with friends and family. Don't be afraid to get creative and experiment with different flavor combinations. Whether you're tailgating outside the stadium or cheering on your team from the comfort of your home, these seasonings are sure to make your game day menu a winner. Stop by our spice shop in Old Town Fort Collins, or order your favorites online! And don’t forget — we offer free shipping on all orders over $35 when shipped within the contiguous United States.

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