Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Bacon Salt

by Old Town Spice Shop on January 24, 2019

bacon saltWhat’s the next best thing for bacon lovers aside from wrapping all of your food in strips of delicious, thick-cut bacon? Well, our Old Town Spice Shop Bacon Salt, of course! If you love the taste of bacon in all of its salty and porky glory, we totally understand. That’s why our specialty bacon salt is one of our bestsellers. We can help you make ALL THE THINGS taste like bacon without the added fat of actual bacon. See, it’s a win-win.

Our vegetarian-friendly and kosher certified Bacon Salt is a salt for both bacon lovers and those just looking for that new unique flavor to add to your standard dishes. This salt captures that sweet, smoky bacon flavor and adds just a pinch of heat at the end. You can use our Bacon Salt to flavor otherwise sad, baconless dishes like eggs, french fries, chips, or salads. Or you can try it when creating any of these dishes below that are simply crying out to have our Bacon Salt added to them.

Baked Potatoes – Nothing adds a mouth-watering pop of flavor to your standard baked potato the way that Bacon Salt does. Sprinkle it over the top of your potato and let our salt take care of the rest.

Hamburgers – When mixing up your next batch of hamburger meat, toss in some Bacon Salt and watch your standard burger transform into a gourmet grilling dreamboat.

Tofu – Okay, just go with us here…cut up strips of tofu, sprinkle on the Bacon Salt, and saute to create a tasty new twist on tofu. You’re welcome.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches – Grilled cheese sandwiches are basically prime for adding any sort of additional and unique flavor. Bacon Salt and grilled cheese sandwiches are a match made in epicurean heaven.

Salad Dressings and Marinades – Toss a bit of our tasty Bacon Salt in your next vinaigrette or marinade and up the ante of your next meal.

These are just a few ideas when it comes to incorporating more bacon-y goodness into your life. Just make sure to create these bacon delicacies using our tasty and tempting Old Town Spice Shop Bacon Salt. And sprinkle any of the other delicious salts from your favorite local spice shop on your favorite dishes and see how fresh, quality flavor can transform your life. Visit our online spice store or come on down to the shop to discover even more seasonally inspired spices, blends, sauces, and so much more. Your palate will thank you!


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