Looking for a “Spice Store Near Me”? You're in the Right Place!

by Old Town Spice Shop on July 14, 2020

If you are searching for a “spice store near me,” you’ve come to the right place! At Old Town Spice Shop, we have an array of teas, spices, sauces, blends, and more. Summertime screams for epic flavors paired with sunshine and fun! This summer, we challenge you to take your cooking to the next level with Old Town Spice Shop’s best products. We also have some very exciting new products that we know you’ll love! 

Spice store near meSpice store near meSpice store near me

Our Favorite Summer Cooking Essentials

Summer is the season for grilling, eating watermelon, and cooking with delicious, fresh vegetables and meats. We have a few essential spices and blends that we love to use all summer long. Here are some of our favorites:

  • California Garlic Pepper - You can put this blend on almost anything! It’s savory, salty, and a tiny bit sweet, making it a fantastic addition to pasta salads, chicken, and grilled vegetables. Filled with garlic, salt, black pepper, brown sugar, onion, bell pepper, and parsley, it will surely become one of your new favorites. 
  • Farmer’s Market Pickle Spice - One of our favorite things to do during the summer is pickle vegetables from our garden! Save a slice of summer by pickling your garden veggies with these bright spices. Our pickle spice contains yellow mustard seed, Indian coriander, celery seed, black peppercorn, caraway seed, dill seed, and bay leaf for that perfect pickled flavor you can enjoy long after summer is over. 
  • Rosemary Salt - If you’re anything like us, you eat a lot of watermelon in the summer! We love to sprinkle a little salt on our watermelon for some added flavor. It’s not weird – we promise! Our favorite is our rosemary salt, because it adds a salty, fresh herb taste to any juicy slice of watermelon.  

Unique New Items At Your “Spice Store Near Me”

Spice store near meWe’ve been busy at Old Town Spice Shop coming up with new spices, gift boxes, flavorings, and sugars for you to try! You have to try our new Black Garlic Salt, Dark Chocolate Salt, Salt & Pepper combination, and Rustic Parmesan & Herb seasoning. They are all great additions to your spice cabinet for everyday cooking staples!

If you’re looking for the perfect birthday gift or thank you to someone who loves cooking, we have you covered! Here are some of our new gift boxes that are sure to make any cook smile: Gourmet Salt & Pepper, Sweet Satisfaction gift box or bag, Pizza Night, Baking Essentials, Flavors of the Far East, Tea Lovers Sampler, Flavors of India gift bag or box, and the Sizzling Steak gift bag or box

If you like to make your own ice cream or create the perfect summer cocktail, try our new flavorings and sugars! We now have Watermelon Flavoring, Maple Flavoring, and Lavender Flavoring to add to ice cream, smoothies, or baked goods! Up your cocktail game with our new Rose Sugar and Lavender Sugar to make the perfect rimmed glass. 

Why Shop At Old Town Spice Shop

Why should you choose Old Town Spice Shop as your “spice store near me”? It’s simple. We have a wide variety of spices, blends, sugars, teas, and more, combined with staff who are knowledgeable and can give you personal recommendations! Our herbs and spices are ground, processed, and packaged in-house for maximum freshness. You can’t find anything this fresh at the grocery store! 

At Old Town Spice Shop, we have all of the perfect summer blends and spices that you could ever need from a “spice store near me.” Make this your best summer, filled with tasty cooking, pickling, and cocktails. You can shop online at www.oldtownspiceshop.com or visit us in-store every Monday-Saturday! We have something for everyone, whether you’re a pro chef or you just enjoy cooking.


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