Make Delicious Ice Cream with Our Extracts for Baking!

by Old Town Spice Shop on August 21, 2020

extracts for baking

Just because it's already back-to-school season doesn't mean it's time to put the ice cream maker away! Late August in Colorado is hot and is the perfect time for homemade ice cream. We often use our extracts for baking to add fun and new flavors to your typical ice cream recipe. Here’s a fun fact: extracts are made from the essential oils of blossoms, fruits, nuts, and plant roots. Flavorings are created with oils and dyes to resemble an extract as closely as possible. Emulsions are the same strength as an extract but their flavor is more pure because it is suspended in a water-base instead of alcohol. We have started carrying more emulsions because they have a more robust flavor and are easier to use. 1 teaspoon of extract is the same as 1 teaspoon of an emulsion. With so many different extracts, flavoring, and emulsion options from Old Town Spice Shop, you’ll never have to eat the same kind of ice cream twice. So break out your favorite ice cream base recipe and start experimenting with some of our favorite flavors! 

Our Favorite Extracts for Baking to Use in Ice Cream

From fruity to sweet and nutty, we have every flavor you could ever think of. Here are just a few of our favorite extracts and flavorings we like to use in our ice cream: 

  • Apricot Flavoring - Who doesn’t love a fruity scoop of ice cream! Our Apricot Flavoring is one of our favorites. Add this to your ice cream with some freshly chopped apricots for sweet and fruity ice cream. 
  • Blackberry Flavoring - Our Blackberry Flavoring is fruity, tangy, and packed with flavor. Perfect for blackberry mint ice cream!
  • Mango Flavoring - If you love mango, this one's for you! Mangos are sweet and tart, making it one of the best flavors for a sorbet.
  • Watermelon Flavoring - We love using our Watermelon Flavoring with fresh watermelon mixed into ice cream. Nothing says summer like a watermelon sorbet! 
  • Coffee Emulsion - Coffee Emulsion is perfect for coffee ice cream! If you want that mid-afternoon coffee without the caffeine, this is the way to go.
  • Pecan Flavoring - Pecan is a wonderful flavor for ice cream, especially when you pair it with cake or any other dessert. 
  • Maple Flavoring - Have you ever had maple ice cream? Now’s your chance! Mix a little bit of this flavoring into your ice cream for a sweet treat that’ll remind you of breakfast. 

Salted Ice Cream 

Salted ice cream?! You might think we’re crazy, but we promise salted ice cream is delicious! The combination of sweet and salty flavors is classic. Take your ice cream to the next level by adding one of our gourmet salts on top. Add our Hibiscus Salt to any berry- or watermelon-flavored ice cream to add a hint of tang, floral, and orange zest. Are you making blackberry ice cream? Sprinkle some Lemon Twist Salt on top for fresh lemon and salty taste. Our new Dark Chocolate Salt is the ultimate coffee ice cream pairing. It’s every coffee lover’s dream!

At Old Town Spice Shop, we have many extracts for baking and ice cream. Give ‘em a try! We know you’ll love them. Enjoy the flavors of summer with a cool scoop of something sweet, salty, or both! And check out all of our other delicious spices, blends, sugars, and so much more at Old Town Spice Shop or visit us online at


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