Gourmet Salt & Pepper Gift Box
Gourmet Salt & Pepper Gift Box
Gourmet Salt & Pepper Gift Box
Gourmet Salt & Pepper Gift Box

Gourmet Salt & Pepper Gift Box

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A collection of gourmet salts and peppers to please every palate!

Included in White Gift Box: 2.2 oz Grinder Jar of White Peppercorns, 2.7 oz Grinder Jar of Salt & Pepper, 4.1 oz Grinder Jar of Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Lava Salt, 1 oz Bag Black Garlic Salt, 1 oz Bag Dark Chocolate Salt

White Peppercorn - White Peppercorns have a crisp flavor that is mildly more delicate than the black and green peppercorns. Use White Peppercorns where you would like black pepper flavor, but not the color.

Salt & Pepper - Coarse sea salt mixed with black peppercorns. The timeless combination to season any dish!

Ingredients: Salt, Black Peppercorn

Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Lava Salt - Solar evaporated Pacific sea salt is combined with activated charcoal. This compliments the natural salt flavor and adds numerous health benefits to the salt.

Ingredients: Salt, Activated Charcoal

 Black Garlic Salt - Made from fermented garlic and kosher salt, this Black Garlic Salt has a sweet molasses and caramel flavor along with a strong roasted garlic flavor. Try it on grilled vegetables, meat, seafood, french fries, mashed potatoes or even popcorn!

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Black Garlic

Dark Chocolate Salt- Black cocoa blended with sea salt and a splash of pure Madagascar vanilla. Try this unique salt on steak, french fries, or homemade caramels. It is sure to please any chocolate lover!

Ingredients: Salt, Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Vanilla Extract

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