Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift from Your Favorite Herbs and Spices Store

by Old Town Spice Shop on May 22, 2019

The grass is green, the flowers are blooming, and love abounds. Ahhhhh…it’s springtime, and that also means that it’s wedding season. Your friends at Old Town Spice Shop, your favorite local herbs and spices store, want to make sure that you’re wedding season-primed with not only the best wedding gift ideas around, but also the most unique ideas that your smitten loved ones will treasure for a long time.

So what exactly would we recommend gifting to the lovebirds in your life this beautiful wedding season? Well, we’re glad you asked. Here are our recommendations:

Tea or Coffee – What better way to relax after the big day or to ease back into reality after that amazing 7-day honeymoon than with a steamy and delectable cup of tea? At Old Town Spice Shop, your local Fort Collins herbs and spices store, we are proud to offer a wide selection of tea, including a number of herbal teas, green teas, and a fantastic selection of black teas. Or if you prefer something with a bit more punch to it, you may also want to check out our Hopped Up Coffee. A single-origin coffee blended with hops and malted barley to add the texture and sweetness of various beer styles, this is a winner for any beer lover on your list.

Spice Blends – Now that the honeymoon is over, what better way for the newly married to show their love than by cooking up a storm for their beloved? The way to anybody’s heart is through their stomach, and the tastiest meals all begin with the tastiest ingredients. At Old Town Spice Shop, we believe that one of the most fun things about our herbs and spices store – and our spices – is blending them together to make new and delicious flavor combinations. Instantly, you get an endless amount of possibilities like Italian seasoning, pho spice blends, and Cajun spices. There are different blends for every type of cuisine. We offer everything from popcorn seasonings and dip mixes for your next get-together, to curries and other international blends to bring flavors from around the world to your table. Because most blends are just a mix of spices and herbs, we do our best to create our blends right in the store, making them as fresh as possible. There are numerous exclusive blends that you will find only at Old Town Spice Shop.

Gift Cards – Planning a wedding, getting married, and moving – these are all major life transitions, and oftentimes the last thing that’s on somebody’s mind in the midst of planning for such events is the contents of their kitchen or their spice cabinet. This is precisely why a gift card to Old Town Spice Shop may be the most perfect gift you could give as a wedding gift. A gift card is not only an excellent way to help the happy couple round out their spice cupboard, but it will also help them to achieve tasty sustenance once they can actually sit down for a second.

Gift Boxes –  If the happy couple already seems to have it all, here’s one thing that they probably don’t and would likely love to have: a gift box from Old Town Spice Shop! Our herbs and spices, blends and seasonings, loose leaf teas, extracts, sugars, and gourmet salts make the perfect gift for any occasion. This is why we’ve put together some great combinations to suit any palate and cooking ability. As a wedding present, we highly recommend either the Spice Cupboard in a Box or Movie Night Gift Set.

There you have it, a delicious rundown of our wedding gift recommendations this wedding season. Or if you’d rather peruse in person to see if you can find that perfect gift, come on down to Old Town Spice Shop, a local, independent Fort Collins Spice Shop at 130A S. College in Old Town Fort Collins, to check out our selection of spicesblends and seasoningssaltssugars, and so much more!


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