Seasoned Salt for Summer Cocktails

by Old Town Spice Shop on June 20, 2019

cocktailAhhhh…it’s time to sit back, enjoy the lovely weather, and relax with a tasty summer cocktail in your hand. Don’t mind if we do. Though this year, we challenge you to take your summer beverages to a whole new level with our delicious seasoned salts! There’s no better way to elevate summer cocktails than by garnishing them with our tasty array of Old Town Spice Shop seasoned salts. From Sriracha Lime Salt to Gochujang Sea Salt to Hibiscus Salt and everything in between, our seasoned salts will take your summer cocktail from drab to fab with one dip of the rim of your glass.

With a history almost as old as spices, seasoned salt has been the main preserving agent for thousands of years. At Old Town Spice Shop, your favorite local spice shop, we carry more than 15 different natural salts with various flake sizes and flavors, adding the perfect finish and texture to any dish. We also carry more than 25 salts that have been infused with different flavors. We have the right salt to add flavor to almost any dish or cocktail. Here are a few of our favorite cocktail garnish seasoned salts.

Sriracha Lime Salt - Nothing will give your cocktail a tasty kick quite like our Sriracha Lime Salt. With a tangy-sweet kick of garlic and a little bit of fire, this salt is great to add to the rim of your margarita glass. It’s also tasty on a Caesar, which is a cocktail that contains vodka, caesar mix, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce, and is served with ice in a large salt-rimmed glass. *Drooling.

Gochujang Sea Salt - The best way to add authentic Korean flavor to your favorite cocktail is by garnishing it with our one-of-a-kind Gochujang Sea Salt. This salts consists of a unique pairing of sea salt and gochugaru flakes, which creates a rich, spicy flavor with a hint of sweet gochujang flavor. This would be a tasty addition to a salty dog, paloma, or bloody mary.

Chile Salts - Perfect for rimming bloody marys, we offer an array of tasty chile salts, including our Ghost Pepper Salt, Habanero Salt, Jalapeno Salt, or Scorpion Pepper Salt. Add a spicy, yet delectable punch to your favorite beverage. Yep, that’ll do.

Hibiscus Salt - The tangy and floral taste of hibiscus, paired with the sweet and citrusy taste of orange, will not only add a delicate and fruity zing to a wide array of cocktails, but its beautiful color will make it almost too pretty to drink. Almost. Not quite. Perfect for margaritas and sparkling cocktails.

Lemon Twist Salt - Imagine fresh lemon, not just the oil, intermingled with premium sea salt, creating the ideal flavor combination to pair with your favorite summer cocktail. Well, that’s exactly what our Lemon Twist Salt has in store for you. This Old Town Spice Shop original creation is the perfect garnish for a martini or a whisky sour.

See what we mean? Absolutely nothing can take your summer cocktails to the next level quite like our seasoned salts. Give ‘em a try. We think you’re going to love them. Okay, now you can get back to relaxing with that tasty drink in your hand. Ahhhh…summer. And make sure to check out all of our other delicious spices, blends, sugars, extracts and so much more at Old Town Spice Shop or visit us online at

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