Flavors of Italy Gift Box
Flavors of Italy Gift Box
Flavors of Italy Gift Box
Flavors of Italy Gift Box
Flavors of Italy Gift Box

    Flavors of Italy Gift Box

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      A variety of spices to create an Italian feast at home that your family and friends will love!

      Included in White Gift Box:

      1.5 oz Jar Crushed Calabrian Chile, 2.2 oz Jar Rosemary Garlic Oil Dip, .6 oz Jar Sweet Basil, 2 oz Jar Roasted Garlic Flakes, 3.4 oz Jar Sal de Vino

      Crushed Calabrian Chile - Calabrian Chiles are a chile that originates in Calabria, Italy. These spicy, red firecrackers are native to south Mediterranean cuisine and are ideal for adding color and medium-spicy heat to any dish. Heat Range 4-6

      Rosemary Garlic Oil Dip - A simple and delightful Mediterranean dipping seasoning. Just add this to your favorite olive oil and enjoy!
      Ingredients: Garlic, Salt, Grains of Paradise, Rosemary

      Sweet Basil - A staple in Southern European food, Basil is one of the most widely used herbs in the world. It adds a delicately sweet flavor and warm aroma to savory dishes. Italian cuisines make the most use of this basil, and it is also used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. 

      Roasted Garlic Flakes - When garlic is roasted the high temperature mellows the pungent odor and sharp taste. What is left is a smooth, almost sweet garlic flavor. These flakes impart the delicious flavor of roasted garlic to any dish. Use as you would regular garlic flakes.

      Sal de Vino - Our Sal de Vino is as delicious as it is beautiful. Its dark purple color makes it a visually stunning salt. Use in any dish that would be complimented by a nice glass of wine.
      Ingredients: Sea Salt, Wine