Top Picks for Holiday Spice Gift Ideas

by Sean Godbey on November 08, 2021
Holiday shopping can sometimes get a little stressful when it seems like all your friends and family already have everything that they could ever want. Why not pick out some holiday spice gift sets from Old Town Spice Shop? Our holiday spice gift box selection has something for everyone, and they're guaranteed to be a hit with your loved ones!

For the Holiday-Spice Host with the Most

For the holiday party host, choose a holiday spice gift set with flavors that can be used in holiday cocktails. The Sweet Satisfaction gift set comes with everything that a sugared-rim cocktail could need. These flavors also make great additions to baked goods!

holiday spice

Sweet Satisfaction Gift Box Includes: 3.2oz jar of Vanilla Bean Sugar,  3.4oz jar of Magical Unicorn Sugar, 1oz bag Blueberry Sugar, 1oz bag Raspberry Sugar, 1oz bag Spiced Chai Sugar, and 1oz bag Lemon Sugar. 

If the holiday party host prefers to salt the rim of their cocktails, the Salty Satisfaction gift set would be perfect. With a large selection of specialty salts, they can craft incredible cocktails as well as unique and flavorful hors d'oeuvres for their guests.

holiday spice

Salty Satisfaction Gift Box Includes: 4.5oz jar of Himalayan Pink Salt, 1oz bag of Roasted Garlic Salt, 2oz bag of Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Lava Salt, 2oz bag of Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, and 2oz bag of Sel Gris.

Maybe you're looking for something that is salt-free for someone on a reduced sodium diet. Old Town Spice Shop has holiday gift boxes that are perfect for any holiday host.

Simply Salt-free Gift Box Includes: 2.2oz jar Salt Free Grill'n, 1oz Jar Mediterranean Herb, 2oz jar Salt-Free All Purpose Seasoning, 1oz bag Fossil Creek Fusion, and 1oz bag Salt-Free Taco Blend.

Looking for a different variety of flavors? Old Town Spice Shop has over fifty pre-made gift boxes filled with freshly prepared herbs, spices, blends, sugars, salts, gourmet hot chocolates, and so much more. This year, pick out a holiday spice gift for everyone you know. Old Town Spice Shop holiday spice gifts are guaranteed to be a hit! Bonus: purchasing herbs and spices from a spice store guarantees a fresher product than grocery-store-bought spices!

Thanks for reading! The holiday spice selection at Old Town Spice Shop will have something that will make your holiday season merry and bright.


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