The Perfect Marinades from the Best Online Spice Shop

by Sean Godbey on June 08, 2021

best online spice shop

It’s finally grilling season! That means it’s time to pick up some marinades from the best online spice shop, Old Town Spice Shop. Pack the flavor into your grilled items by marinating them. Marinating meat infuses flavor and tenderizes it, providing you with a juicy, flavor-packed bite every time.

Wet marinades are commonly made with water, oil, wine, beer, or sauces (such as soy) and a variety of spices. Additionally, they contain an acidic ingredient, such as vinegar or citrus, which breaks down some of the meat’s tissues, making it tender. Dry marinades contain all the spices without any of the liquid. If the spices aren’t sticking to the protein, you can use a binder like mustard to help it stick while providing additional flavor. Whether you’re using a wet or dry marinade, don’t forget to refrigerate the protein while it’s soaking up the flavor.

Combining different spices and ingredients in a marinade will make your meat the star of the plate with a balance of flavor. Don’t skip this cooking must!

Our Best Online Spice Shop Grilling Marinades

Our blends and seasonings make the perfect marinades for all of your grilling endeavors.

  • Jamaican Jerk - This hot jerk blend gives you the traditional flavor and heat level you find in Jamaica. It makes a great marinade for grilled chicken!
  • Backyard Brew Marinade - This fantastic spice blend is perfect if you’re a beef lover! It balances its unique ingredient, hops, with spices like garlic, onion, red pepper, and orange peel to give a flavorful beer taste to any meat.
  • Carne Asada - This blend contains all the ingredients to make steak, chicken, or pork overflow with flavors from south of the border. Add equal parts vinegar and oil to marinate your meats and create a flavorful dinner!

#ProTip: Father’s Day is coming up. Impress your dad by cooking him dinner or gifting him one of our grill boxes!

We have the best gift boxes and bags for dads who love grilling! Here are our favorite gifts that your dad will love:

  • Gourmet Grilling Gift Box - This gift box is a collection of our most popular dry rubs, salts and marinades to spice up your grilling! It includes California Garlic Pepper, Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, Rib Rub, Yukon Steak Seasoning, Ground Devil's Backbone, Backyard Brew Marinade, Hickory Liquid Smoke, Traditional Hamburger, Fossil Creek Fusion, Sweetgrass Prairie Blend, Red Mountain, Cowboy Steak Rub, Mild Jamaican Jerk, Spiced Honey Bacon, and Mango Chipotle.
  • Grill Master Gift Box or Bag - Give dad a collection of our top-selling dry rubs and marinades to help him be a master of the grill! This collection includes Rib Rub, Beach House Blend, Backyard Brew Marinade, Horseradish Steak Rub, and Hot Jamaican Jerk.
At Old Town Spice Shop, your best online spice shop, we have all of the grilling marinades and blends you could ever need! Spice up your grilling this summer with our variety of spices and blends. If you need more ideas for grilling or Father’s Day gifts, just ask! You can shop online at or visit us in-store for more ideas and tips.

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