The Food of Love: Italian Herbs and Spices

by Old Town Spice Shop on February 11, 2019

“Roses are red, 
Violets are blue,
It’s almost Valentine’s Day,
And we have just the Italian Herbs and Spices for you!”

So, just in case you live under a rock, Valentine’s Day is February 14, and if you don’t already have ideas brewing for how to express love for the special people in your life, we have a suggestion. How about a lovely homemade Italian meal? Okay, so before you start overthinking this, let us assuage your fears. Making a romantic dinner is a heartfelt way to say “I love you” without resorting to the overplayed flowers, candies, and gifts.

For centuries, food has played a very important role in love and relationships, especially Italian food. A number of the ingredients found in traditional Italian dishes are considered aphrodisiacs — foods that are said to have qualities that promote feelings of love and desire. According to Italian Food Forever, these “Foods of Love” include garlic, endive, fennel, cloves, tomatoes, nutmeg, chocolate, and more. We don’t know about you, but these sound like the perfect makings for a scrumptious Italian meal.

So, what better way to set the mood this Valentine’s Day than by preparing a tasty and romantic Italian meal with the help of your friends at Old Town Spice Shop and our fresh and delicious Italian Herbs and Spices? Some of our best-selling Italian Herbs and Spices are our dip mixes. Easier than making an entire meal from scratch, you can create a simple spin on an Italian picnic. Sprinkle on a plate, add olive oil, and bon appetit! Or you can make a flavorful pasta by adding some oil or butter and sprinkle our mixes directly into the pasta. Add your favorite protein and, voila, you have a full meal. Way to go!

“Some of the best Italian food in the world is simple,” explains Old Town Spice Shop owner Sean Godbey. “I find that most people overthink everything that goes into Italian food. You don’t have to slave in the kitchen for hours on end to make the perfect sauce. You can easily make a pasta with vegetables you already have laying around the kitchen. Just cook them up in butter or olive oil, and season with garlicGreek oreganosweet basil, a nice flaked salt, and for a touch of heat, our Calabrian chiles. Add a touch of acid, like lemon juice, and your family will love it! Buona mangiata!”

For more tasty ideas, make sure to swing by Old Town Spice Shop, your friendly local spice shop, and peruse our shelves for spices, spice blends, salts, and anything else you’ll need to create the culinary masterpiece that you’ve been dreaming about — Italian or not. Or visit us online at Because after all, “il cibo é l’essenza della vita” — food is the essence of life!


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