Benefits of Shopping at Your Local Spice Shop

by Old Town Spice Shop on May 12, 2020

local spice shop

Now more than ever, it’s important to shop small and support our communities. Plus, there are many benefits to shopping at your local spice shop. Old Town Spice Shop is proud to be your local Fort Collins spice shop since 2010! We are so grateful to the Fort Collins community for its continued support.

We love being able to fulfill orders from locals who enjoy fresh, high-quality herbs and spices. When you shop at a local spice shop, you’re helping to support a small family business. One thing that sets us apart from other spice shops is that we are an independently owned and operated spice shop. Our family opened Old Town Spice Shop because of our love for Colorado, the community, and fresh herbs and spices. Here is why we think shopping at your local spice shop is the best option:

  • Freshness - The number one reason to buy herbs and spices from Old Town Spice Shop is the freshness. You won’t find this level of fresh at the grocery store! We work directly with importers and some growers to bring in the highest quality spices, blends, salts, sugars, extracts, peppers, and teas in the country. Then we grind, process, blend, and package everything in house. This allows us to provide our customers with maximum freshness. 
  • Local Knowledge - When you are able to shop in our physical shop, you have help from our clerks! We know that Coloradans like to cook spicy vegetables with our Devil’s Backbone blend and smokey meat with flavors like the Smoked Backyard Bourbon blend. We have seasonings and great rubs to provide the flavor you might be looking for. Everyone who works at Old Town Spice shop will help you find exactly what you need and give excellent recommendations.
  • We Love Sharing Recipes - You won’t get new recipes from the grocery store! We love sharing our favorite recipe and spice combinations with our customers. Sharing the joy of cooking and flavors is one of the best parts of being a small business. If you have a flavor or dish in mind, we can recommend a recipe that we love!
  • Try New Things - When things go back to normal, we will be able to offer taste testing again. When you visit your local spice shop, feel free to ask for samples of any herbs and spices that you’re curious about. It’s a great way to try new flavors to see if you like them before you cook or bake with them. 
  • Learn New Ingredients - At Old Town Spice Shop, we have a wide array of spices, teas, sauces, herbs, and more. We have many that you might not even know of! Explore our many herbs and spices online and discover new ingredients to use.
  • Locally Owned - Last but not least, one of the benefits of shopping at your local spice shop is that we are locally and independently owned. That means more money stays in the community than it would with a franchise or corporate store. To be able to partner with the community, it’s more beneficial to be independently owned. 

At Old Town Spice Shop, we invite everyone to taste the difference that fresh spices, blends and seasonings, and our other products can make in your cooking life. We pride ourselves on the freshness of our spices and our large variety of products. Whether you are new to cooking or a seasoned chef, we have something for everyone and every taste palate.

Check out the wide selection of herbs and spices from your local spice shop online at We offer free shipping over $35 and curbside pick up for locals from Wednesday to Saturday!

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