Salty Satisfaction Gift Box
Salty Satisfaction Gift Box
Salty Satisfaction Gift Box
Salty Satisfaction Gift Box
Salty Satisfaction Gift Box

    Salty Satisfaction Gift Box


      Satisfy all of your salty cravings with these unique, mineral filled, all natural salts. These salts will not only add flavor to your dishes but wonderful color as well!

      Gift Box Includes: 4.5 oz Jar of Himalayan Pink Salt, 3.2 oz Jar of Roasted Garlic Salt, 3.9 oz Grinder Jar of Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Lava Salt, 5 oz Jar of Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, 3.2 oz Jar of Sel Gris

      Fine Pink Himalayan Salt - Himalayan Pink Salt offers the highest mineral content of any natural salt and is prized for its myriad health, detoxification and nutritional benefits. Perfect for cooking or as a finishing salt before serving.

      Roasted Garlic Salt - All natural sea salt infused with real roasted garlic. This is a much improved, very gourmet version of traditional garlic salt. The flavor is out of this world! Try on absolutely anything.
      Ingredients: Salt, Roasted Garlic

      Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Lava Salt - Solar evaporated Pacific sea salt is combined with activated charcoal. This compliments the natural salt flavor and adds numerous health benefits to the salt.
      Ingredients: Salt, Activated Charcoal

      Applewood Smoked Sea Salt - This Applewood Smoked Sea Salt has a dense, slightly sweet, fruity smoke flavor. Try with pork, chicken, soups, and salads.
      Ingredients: Smoked Salt

      Sel Gris - Gourmet French sea salt harvested and sifted using traditional Celtic methods. The mild flavor and soft crunch make it ideal for finishing or for topping breads, casseroles, roasts or fish. This is the most popular table salt among French salt farmers.