Hot Enough for Ya? Gift Box
Hot Enough for Ya? Gift Box
Hot Enough for Ya? Gift Box
Hot Enough for Ya? Gift Box

    Hot Enough for Ya? Gift Box

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      If you like it hot this box is for you! A collection of hot to extremely hot items, sure to add heat and flavor to every dish you cook!

      Included in White Gift Box:  5 oz Bottle Jack Slade's Revenge Hot Sauce, 3 oz Jar Coyote Pass, 1 oz Bag Smoked Serrano Powder, 1 oz Bag Scorpion Pepper Salt, 1 oz Bag African Bird Pepper 

      Jack Slade's Revenge Hot Sauce - This Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce brings flavor and heat! Sweetened with pineapple, this sauce is great to add just a few drops to any dish you think needs a little kick. Crafted using Bock from Gilded Goat Brewing.

      Ingredients: Vinegar, Pineapple Juice, Beer, Chili Peppers (including Carolina Reaper), Salt, Sugar, Onion, Xanthan Gum

      Coyote Pass - An all purpose seasoning that will have you howling. Salty and savory, this blend is good on just about anything. But use a light hand because it has some of the hottest chilies in the world in it! *** Caution: Extremely Hot ***

      Ingredients: Salt, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Chili Powder (Including Ghost Pepper and Carolina Reaper), Mustard, Garlic, Cumin, Coriander, Spices

      Smoked Serrano Powder - This chili has a very hot and savory flavor. Smoked Serrano Powder is primarily used in sauces. Add Smoked Serrano Powder to any sauce in which an authentic, hot chili flavor is desired. Heat level: 8

      Scorpion Pepper Salt - With a taste only for the very daring, this salt is the hottest salt in the world! Made from pure, unrefined sea salt and the Naga Jolokia Pepper (Scorpion Pepper) , this salt has a spicy hot flavor that is without compare.

      Ingredients: Salt, Scorpion Pepper

      African Bird Pepper - African Bird Pepper Powder adds pungent flavor and fiery color to foods.  This powdered chili pepper pairs especially well with rice and bean dishes, chilis, soups and stews. With a heat of 90m hu this chili brings a lot of heat, just a touch less than a typical Habanero Pepper.