Hop Trio Gift Box
Hop Trio Gift Box
Hop Trio Gift Box
Hop Trio Gift Box
Hop Trio Gift Box

    Hop Trio Gift Box


      A 3-pack of our favorite hop infused seasonings and salts. Sure to please any beer lover!

      Included in Small White Gift Box:

      2 oz Jar Backyard Brew Marinade, 2.1 oz Jar Hopped Up Seasonings Hazy IPA, 2.6 oz Jar Hop Salt

      Backyard Brew Marinade - This fantastic spice blend is for all those beer lovers. Balancing hops with numerous spices to give a flavorful beer taste to any meat. Add 1 oz Old Town Spice Shop Backyard Brew Marinade, ½ cup beer or water, 2 tbsp. oil, 2 tbsp. white or apple cider vinegar, and 2 lbs. chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp. Mix and marinade meat in refrigerator for 15 minutes or longer for extra flavor. Enjoy!

      Ingredients: Garlic, Coarse Sea Salt, Black Peppercorn, Onion, Red Pepper, Domestic Paprika, Orange Peel, Coriander, Hops
      Specialty seasonings blended to mimic different styles of beer.

      Hazy IPA - This Hazy IPA seasoning will bring you the flavors of sweet malt with robust citrus and floral hops. Perfect for fish, pork, chicken or vegetables.

      Ingredients: Beer Extract Powder (grain, yeast, hops), Salt, Timut Pepper, Turmeric, Sugar, Lemon Peel, Coriander, Garlic, Onion, Hops, Marash Chile Contains: Wheat

      Hop Salt - Add to your favorite dish for gentle hop aromatics and wonderful fruity and floral undertones. Sprinkle on bread, salads, rim a cocktail glass or add to grilled meat. Perfect for any beer lover!

      Ingredients: Salt, Cascade Hops