Home Chef Gift Box
Home Chef Gift Box
Home Chef Gift Box
Home Chef Gift Box
Home Chef Gift Box
Home Chef Gift Box

    Home Chef Gift Box

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      Perfect for the budding chef or seasoned professional, this collection has everything you need to cook delicious and flavorful meals at home!

      Included in White Gift Box:

      2.5 oz Jar Garlic Granules, 1.5 oz Jar Saigon Cinnamon Powder, 1.7 oz Jar Ground Cumin, .6 oz Jar Sweet Basil (Domestic), 3.7 oz Jar Kosher Flake Salt, 1.8 oz Jar Ground Black Peppercorn, 1 oz Bag Chili Pepper Powder, 0.2 oz Bag Parsley Flakes, 1 oz BagCrushed Red Pepper, 1 oz Bag Ground Coriander Seed, 1 oz Bag Rosemary, 1 oz Bag Onion Granules, .5 oz Bag Greek Oregano, 1 oz Bag Paprika 120 ASTA

      Garlic GranulesThis versatile spice is prominent in essentially every type of cuisine. Great in butter, olive oil, curries, barbecues, with vegetables, meats and breads.

      Saigon Cinnamon PowderSaigon Cinnamon is used primarily for its aromatic bark, which is quite similar to that of Cassia Cinnamon but with a more pronounced, complex aroma. Saigon cinnamon has 1-5% essential oils and is sweeter than Cassia Cinnamon. Because of this, many consider this the best cinnamon.

      Ground CuminCumin is the second most popular spice in the world after black pepper. It has a warm, earthy aroma and a peppery flavor with citrus notes. Cumin is popular in Indian, Pakistani, North African, Middle Eastern, Sri Lankan, and Cuban cuisines.

      Sweet Basil (Domestic)A staple in Southern European food, Basil is one of the most widely used herbs in the world. It adds a delicately sweet flavor and warm aroma to savory dishes.  Italian cuisines make the most use of this basil, and it is also used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. This basil is grown in the USA in the basil fields of California.

      Kosher Flake Salt - The unique crystal structure makes this salt ideal for cooking and seasoning.  Kosher Flake Salt can also be used to accent refreshments that call for salt-rimmed glasses.

      Ground Black PeppercornBlack Peppercorns are fermented, dried Green Peppercorns. They have a crisp and aromatic flavor. Black Peppercorns have the most robust flavor of all peppercorns. Versatile and easy to use, add them whole, crushed or ground for extra snap in sauces, marinades, vinaigrette and creamy salad dressings.

      Chili Pepper Powder - Add to seasoning blends, soups, stews, marinades, condiments, rubs and of course, chili!  Use in any recipe to add heat and flavor. This Chili Powder is low in heat and high in flavor!  

      Parsley FlakesDried Parsley Flakes preserve the bright green color and celery-like flavor of the leaf of the plant.  Use as a seasoning and garnish for just about anything.  Great on pizza, pasta, moussaka, roast beef, lamb and pork.

      Crushed Red PepperSprinkle over potatoes, scrambled eggs, garlic bread, pizza, pasta and vegetable dishes. Crushed Red Pepper is also used to make flavored cooking oils.  No preparation is needed, just add to recipe. To enhance flavor, roast the Red Pepper in a 250 degree oven for 3-4 minutes.  

      Ground Coriander SeedCoriander Seeds are warm, mild and sweet. There is a citrus undertone similar to orange peel. Coriander is used in English, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Oriental and South American cooking. Ground Coriander Seed is wonderful in chili, stir-fry, Mexican soups and curry dishes.

      RosemaryRosemary is the dried leaves of the evergreen Rosmarinus Officinalis. Rosemary has a distinctive pine-woody aroma with camphoraceous undertones and a fresh, bittersweet flavor. Rosemary is found in bouquet garni, Herbes de Provence, and in seasoning blends for lamb and Mediterranean cuisines.

      Onion GranulesFresh ground dehydrated onions. Onions are found in a large number of recipes and preparations spanning almost the totality of the world's cultures.

      Greek OreganoOregano grows wild in the Mediterranean region of the world. It is prized for the delicious flavor it adds to food. It has an aromatic, warm and slightly bitter taste, which can vary in intensity and is most frequently used with roasted, fried or grilled vegetables, meat and fish. Greek Oregano is the choice for dishes from the Mediterranean, including tomato sauces, pizzas, grilled meats, and other dishes with strong flavors.

      Paprika 120 ASTA Add a splash of color to a creamy sauce or kick up the heat in a robust meat rub. Ground for the dried fruits of select chili plants, this is an essential spice for anyone who loves Hungarian, Morrocan, or Spanish Cuisines.