Chocolate Lovers Gift Box
Chocolate Lovers Gift Box
Chocolate Lovers Gift Box
Chocolate Lovers Gift Box

Chocolate Lovers Gift Box

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Our Chocolate Lovers Gift Box is sure to please any chocolate lover!  It includes:

Sweet Heat Seasoning1 oz Bag - This savory seasoning blend has a rich chocolate flavor with a hint of cinnamon and a kick from cayenne on the back end. It's a great versatile blend good on anything from grilled meats to baked goods to coffee, or even on your ice cream!
Ingredients: Cocoa Powder, Dextrose, Arrowroot, Cinnamon, Salt, Cayenne

Cocoa Chipotle Seasoning - 1 oz Bag - Perfect to add to red meat for the full flavors of the sweet chocolate and smokey chili.                                                                          Ingredients: Cocoa, Sugar, Chipotle, Red Wine Vinegar, Salt, Cassia Cinnamon, Arrow Root

Mole Seasoning1 oz Bag - The complex, spicy chocolate flavor of Mole is emblematic of Mexican Mestizo cooking. Combine with water or broth to create a versatile paste for marinating beef, pork or poultry. Add a pinch to a simmering pot of chili for a subtle hint of dark cocoa.
Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Cocoa, New Mexico Chile, Cumin, Cinnamon, Mexican Oregano, Garlic, Salt

Roasted Cocoa Nibs2 oz Kraft Bag - Slightly roasted and crushed cocoa beans. An excellent source of antioxidants, with a pleasant semi-bitter flavor. Can be used as substitute for nuts in baking goods, or even as a flavor kick in a cup of espresso.

Black Cocoa Powder2 oz Kraft Bag - An ultra-Dutch processed cocoa, use black cocoa to darken your cakes and cookies without the bitter taste. Brings out the best dark chocolate color and flavor.

Dark Chocolate Sugar - 3 oz Jar - Dark Cocoa Sugar is great when liberally topped to vanilla ice cream added with fresh raspberries or pecans. Sprinkle over sliced strawberries, add to your favorite chili, with a dash of cinnamon, or rim your favorite dairy-based drink- White Russians are perfect. Try sprinkling on top of pancakes or French toast.
Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Vanilla Extract

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